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Suite Chidori Engine Editor NEW! (Ver.2 New function)

The Suite Chidori Engine Editor allows you to place models, images, and other objects on the UI and adjust their display position and size, so you can create scenes without coding and while checking the results in real time.

It supports cameras, models, animation, textures, particle effects, bitmap fonts, sound, movies, and UI. Scenes created on the editor are output as a project for Visual Studio, and it is possible to create the application by building the project. Even before building in Visual Studio, a function called "play mode" in the editor allows you to view the same contents as you run it as an application.

Sample project SceneSample NEW! (Ver.2 New function)

SceneSample is a sample project with which you can try out each feature of the Suite Chidori Engine. In this sample, you can experience the various functions of the Suite Chidori Engine in a sample scene where a mini-dragon appears on the street. SceneSample is also available on iOS. The iOS version allows users to perform functions such as camera, light, sound, and post-effects by tapping. In addition, the UI is automatically adjusted depending on the size of the device screen in the iOS version.

Functions available for experience
1. Move camera positions
2. Draw models, collisions, and images
3. Lighting
4. Sound
5. Play movies
6. Play particle effects
7. Execute post effects

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Game Development News Vol.9 "Suite Chidori Engine Editor and SceneSample released"
(Up&Coming No.139 '22 Fall issue)

UI Production Tools(Plan to support the latest environment)

We plan to provide tools that can be easily created 2D UI data. We also plan to renew and provide the Flash version that was previously provided.
* Image is the Flash version that was previously provided.

Effect Production Tools(Plan to support the latest environment)

An effect tool used as a plug-in for CG software. Create an environment where artists can easily create effects.
* Image is Maya® version that was previously provided.

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