Example Works (Suite Chidori Engine®)

Cat and Labyrinth (Sample game) NEW!

This is a puzzle game where players move boxes and make a way from the black cat to the white cat within a specified number of moves. In total of 5 stages, lead the black cat with as few moves as possible to get higher score.

Account Learning Game (Sample game)

"Account Learning Game" is a game that helps you learn account items through matching cards and account names on the screen.
There are three difficulty levels, and the number of account items increases according to the level. You can get higher score in the higher difficulty level and when answering correctly in a row. Since one game try finish in just 30 seconds, you can learn the account items efficiently.

Flap Hero (Sample game)

"Flap Hero" is originally a free game and we have ported it to the Suite Chidori Engine.
In this game, you make the falling bird jump at the right time so as not to collide with the earthen pipes or the ground, and lead it as far as possible. You can get a score of 1 every time the bird jumps over one soil pipe. When the bird land in the middle of a earthen pipe, it warps to other earthen pipe, so you can earn a score by making good use of it. If the bird collide twice with the soil pipes or ground, the game will end, and your final score in the game and the highest score so far are displayed on the screen.

My Music Book: Classical Music Rhythm Action Game (Sample game)

This is a rhythm game in which players tap the notes flying from the back of the screen to classical masterpieces by using the keyboard.
Each of the 7 buttons around the screen corresponds to the seven notes of C, D, E, F, G, A and B. You can play the notes by pressing the same keys as the letter written on the buttons at the timing when the notes flying from the back of the screen overlap with the buttons. The better timing you press the buttons, the higher score you can get. Also, if you play the notes in succession without making any mistakes, the number of combos increases and the final score becomes higher.

Memory Training with a Mole (Sample game)

This is a sample game where players have to remember the location and order of the randomly appearing moles and touch them in order correctly. Use the Chidori Engine to customize the sample code as you wish: any space and character you like, place where moles appear and disappear, original items, scoring and ranking screens, and more!

Example Works (Chidori®)

Learn Sign Language Through Games

The first sign language application recommended by the "Tokyo Metropolitan Government Federation for the Deaf." Learn sign language while playing games!
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・You can learn more than 3,000 sign language words with 360-degree 3D animations
・Learn the origin of various expressions
・Learn at your own pace with speed controls
・Gain new perspectives as you can view the gestures through the eyes of the speaker

Award History

Won the silver award at the "IAUD Award 2014" sponsored by the International Council of Universal Design. This award is given to organizations and individuals who carry out and propose particularly outstanding activities toward the realization of a universal design society in which as many people as possible can live comfortably.

Data Carddas Disk Wars: The Avengers Soul Soul Royale

A digital kids card game based on Marvel's TV animation series "Disc Wars: The Avengers" produced in Japan. The player reads the data from the card and the Avengers such as “Iron Man”, “Saw”, “Hulk”, and “Captain America” will appear.
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Summon up to 5 heroes in one team, create your own original team and battle.
The battle proceeds by instructing the summoned characters to perform various actions, and takes advantage of the characteristics and special moves of each character.
Data Carddass is the first three-team battle, and will compete in a fierce battle with a total of 15 characters of "5 VS 5 VS 5" in order to become the first place among the two teams against their own team.

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