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UC-1 Series Geotechnical Analysis
Dynamic effective stress analysis for ground(UWLC)
English version Ver.2
Software price US$ 12,600
Rental US$ 3,780-
Dynamic effective stress analysis for ground(UWLC)
Japanese version Ver.2
Software price US$ 6,300
Rental US$ 1,890-

Analysis of elementary stress/dynamic analysis of the total stress/
dynamic analysis of effective stress (liquefaction analysis) program
Japanese/English versions

Geotechnical analysis support service

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Windows Vista/7/8/10
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Displayed samples/examples output
Model making

Entering parameter of the pre part

Examples of one-dimensional analytic model

Coupled model with structures (BOX culvert)

Examination of the embankment liquefaction

Examination both of the ground and the box culvert

Excessive pore water pressure rate
(Analysis of two-dimensional liquefaction)

Features of force of restitution (τ-σcurve)

Satisfied function of animation

Animation for transformation diagram (Bank model)

Identification analysis by the optimization method

Element test simulation program
  Read-in function of the SXF drawing data
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