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CG・VR UC-win/Road Software as a Service System Development Service
Design Check Support System Engineer's Studio® FEMLEEG Geotechnical Analysis


 Shade3D CG Input Support Service
FORUM8 creates 3D model, 3D printing, and animation data by using the Shade3D. The Shade3D specialists at FORUM8 make high-level 3D data from little information such as illustrations, drawings, or photos.
In addition to Shade3D data, we have created a lot of models, and excellent VR data are showed at the 3D VR Contest (hosted by FORUM8). With this 3D data creation service, we support comprehensive VR and CG data creation such as 3D models, textures, and simulation data.


 UC-win/Road Customized System
UC-win/Road ,which is consist of many tiny modules, .allows advanced customizing a low cost. Changing of existing functions and addition of new functions are allowed by customizing of input/output changing and addition of modules.

 UC-win/Road Support System    -WEB Estimate Service 
The service undertakes data generation tasks concerning UC-win/Road such as the generation of 3-D VR simulation data, 3-D models, and textures.
In addition to providing the packaged software UC-win/Road, we support the comprehensive CG data creation such as 3D models, textures, and Road simulation data for city planning and any other simulations.
The dynamic 3D CG simulation will be the strong presentation tool for engineers and presenters.

 Earthquake Simulation Service
Damage and influence caused by earthquake can be simulated with UC-win/Road. A variety of environments can be reproduced by selecting seismic wave and joint, weight and bounding of each model, and contact determination.
"UC-win/Road Earthquake Simulator" won Good Prize of "The 30th Excellent New Technology and Products by Small and Medium-sized Enterprise / Software Section".

 3DVR Flood Hazard Map Service Ver.up
Constructs and provides an inundation hazard map by 3D VR linked with the analysis results of inundation/ flooding, evacuation/ traffic.

 Traffic Analysis VR Service
The traffic analysis VR service consists of the analysis using traffic analysis tools and the VR model creation for each traffic simulation by using UC-win/Road.
OSCADY PRO, TRANSYT, and Aimsun are used for the service.

 ■Software as a Service

 VR-Cloud® Ver.6 Collaboration \550,000
 VR-Cloud® Ver.6 Standard \336,000
This participatory system allows everyone having the internet connection to view and experience VR data created with UC-win/Road regardless of PC spec and location. It can be used as a support tool for advertisement and consensus building in VR city planning projects.
We run UC-win/Road on server and provide the virtual reality as a network service. Users can operate the VR data open to public on web browsers. Three versions are available.

 UC-1 for SaaS
SaaS is the abbreviation for Software as a Service and means a software service provided via network. It is also called a form of cloud computing service.
So far, software vendors mainly sell application software as packaged product or download software, and users buy and install it to use. SaaS programs are placed on a server managed by the software vendor, and users access this program on network.

 UC-1 Engineer's Suite SaaS Advanced Suite \91,000
FORUM8 UC-1 products, the design CAD software, are packed in the suite bandles. Under the series name "UC-1 Engineer's Suite", the suite programs are available in 8 categories. Enhanced functions: (1) Cloud (2) 2DCAD (3) 3D bar arrangement (4) CIM (5) Support/Check

 ■System Development Service

 Cloud Basis Development Service Ver.up
FORUM8 helps you to use your products on cloud.
The reuse of components and source codes improves the software quality and productivity.

 Subscription Basis Development Service Ver.up
FORUM8 supports the web license authentication of your products including flexible license duration setting and license procedures.

 6K Multi Cluster Digital Signage System
The digital signage is the electronic advertisement medium which uses the computer for display and communication. With its communication function, it can obtain and display the new information all the time as well as control from the distance. The advertisement movie can be freely changed and you do not need to go to the place where the poster is posted and change it any more.
Moreover, as this system is controlled by computer, the information such as the contents and layout can be automatically changed based on the situation.
FORUM8 provides the multi cluster digital signage system via infrared depth sensor.
 Organic Parking Japanese Version
Organic Parking was developed by Organic Parking in the US, based on the idea that reducing time to find vacant parking lots solves the traffic jam and contributes to more ecological society.
The subject mobile device is iOS and Android. The basic service fee of the Japanese version is free, and the service will be expanded in the future.
To realize the smooth operations from a variety of viewpoints, we have developed the Japanese interface and the search function of addresses in Japan.

 UC-win/UC-1 Customized Development Service
We will provide the software development service for each customer through our experience of the latest technique and support consulting based on the development history of civil engineering package software.

 Android™ Customized Development Service
FORUM8 develops applications for the Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. We think we can contribute to improving your work efficiency and new business deployment by providing the apps utilizing both of the flexibility of mobile devices and the ubiquitous computing which allows realtime access to business data from anywhare.
*Android™ and the logo of Android™ is the registered trademark symbol of Google Inc.

 ■Design Result Check Support System

 Design result chack support service    ・WEB quotation service
This system helps you to check input data and design made by third companies' programs or design results of existing structures.
The purpose of this system is to enable to check if there are serious issues on designs of civil engineering structures correctly and quickly.
It has been selected for the 2nd "Innovation Promotion Business" in 2009 by NEDO.

 ■ Engineer's Studio®

 Engineer's Studio® Analysis Support Service
Engineer's Studio®, 3D FEM analysis program is in house development from pre-processing and calculation engine to post-processing. This program analysis non-linear behavior of structure by modeling with beam elements considering a part of civil engineering and building structure as one bar or continuous plate elements. This is an analysis support service using Engineer's Studio®.


 FEMLEEG Analysis Support Service
The analysis support service for FEMLEEG, the 3D FEM analysis system that can treat from frame structure to solid structure.

 JCMAC3 Analysis Support Service
With this software, you can perform a comprehensive analysis on the stress and deformation by initial strains (by temperature, drying shrinkage, self-shrinkage), the probability of crack, and the crack width from the time of construction to the start of service.
FORUM8 provides the analysis support service to solve diverse requirements by taking advantage of being the developer of JCMAC3's prepost system.

 ■ Geotechnical Analysis

 Geotechnical Analysis Support Service 
As the enhancement of the lineup of the geotechnical analysis series software, we started the "Geotechnical Analysis Support Service" for all of the "Geotechnical Analysis" series products to support the geotechnical analysis, especially the creation of initial models that takes a lot of time in the ground analysis using FEM models.
This service helps the users who review and design the following contents:
  • Impacts of liquefaction due to earthquake such as the floating of underground structures and residual displacement, and countermeasures against it
  • Rise of groundwater due to the concentrated heavy rain and the reduction of ground stability according to it
  • Slope stability before and after countermeasure construction
  • Bearing capacity of foundation and 3D countermeasures

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