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License pack

Licenses pack covering the whole lines of UC-win/UC-1 products.
Upgrading from exisitng single license is available.

Forum8 direct sales product

Product detailsPrice/purchase

Service Overview
FORUM8 is selling license packs which support the whole lines of UC-win/UC-1 series products.

If you feel inconvenience with 1 license or if you want to support system extensibility, this system will be able to provide the additional licenses at a low price. If you switch your license from 1 license to 3 licenses, the price of the 3-license pack subscription contract will be applied from next contract renewal.

License pack price tablei3 licenses or morej
Product name 3 licenses pack 5 licenses pack 10 licenses pack 50 licenses pack
Simultaneous usage number 3 licenses 5 licenses 10 licenses 50 licenses
License pack price Product price~75~3 Product price~70~5 Product price~65~10 |
Discount 25 off 30 off 35 off Contact us

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