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Supported OS: FORUM8 Products Maintenance/Support
Microsoft Corporation has announced it will end all supports including update of security program on January 14, 2020 for Windows 7 and on January 10, 2023 for Windows 8.

Some of FORUM8 users using Windows 7 or Windows 8 may be considering the transfer to Windows 10.

In this topic, we will explain which OS is supporting FORUM8 products.

Newest Windows 10
All FORUM8 products for sale (latest version) are supported on Windows 10 and work on both 32bit and 64bit.

However, most of the current FORUM8 products are 32bit application, and those programs work as 32bit application on 64bit OS by the emulation function on OS (WOW64). The performance of the programs are not fully displayed on 64bit OS.

* "UC-win/Road" 64bit OS version and "FEMLEEG" with 64bit solver can handle larger models.

Supported OS: old versions
The result list of operation confirmation at the time of release of Windows 10 build version (as of March 17, 2015) is open on our website. Please refer to this list for old version. (

For example, we confirmed "Retaining wall design 3D bar arrangement" Ver.14 works normally on Windows 10. Thus, programs newer than Ver.14 also work on Windows 10 without problems.

However, old versions that correspond to the subscription service started in April 2016 can be used on Windows 10. For instance, "Retaining wall design 3D bar arrangement" Ver.13.4.0 or newer version corresponds to the subscription service and works on Windows 10.

* The subscription corresponded version is programs released after April 2016. If users have valid licenses of these products, the programs can be downloaded on the user information page.

Subscription license authentication
All products for sale (latest version) are supported on Windows 10, and license of subscription products can be authenticated on Windows 7/8/10. In response to the support termination by Microsoft Corporation, licenses cannot be activated on OS other than Windows series above.

The same thing can be said for the transfer to the subscription by using RUS tool Ver.5. If you try to transfer to the subscription on unsupported OS, an error message will be displayed and you cannot progress the procedure.

The error message says "Windows Vista or later version OS...". The current way of migration to subscription and license activation are possible on Windows Vista because of technical reasons, but actually Windows Vista is not supported. In the future we will change the communication method for activation to safer way, and at that time licenses will not able to be authenticated on Windows Vista.

Fig.1 RUS tool error

Users who has only Windows XP to connect a D-sub25 pin hardware protect key to cannot transfer to the subscription. In this case, FORUM8 will transfer your product to the subscription instead of users. Please contact your FORUM8 staff.

* A hardware protect keys connected to PC via USB cable or adopter cannot be recognized. A hardware protect key connected and recognized on PC is required for the transfer to subscription by using RUS tool.

(Up&Coming '19 New Year issue)