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FOVE Plug-in
Cooperation between UC-win/Road and a head mounted display "FOVE 0".
November 19, 2018

FOVE plug-in allows the linkage between UC-win/Road and FOVE, one of Head Mounted Displays (HMD).

Fig.1 FOVE and position tracking camera
 About FOVE
In addition to virtual reality function, HMD FOVE has a "eye tracking function" that other HMD devices don't have (Fig.2). This eye tracking function displays where a wearer is looking in a virtual space. Infrared sensors attached around lenses capture eye motions. Please refer to the website of FOVE, Inc. for more details.
Fig.2 Eye tracking infrared sensor
 What we can do with FOVE plug-in
Same as Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE already supported in UC-win/Road, FOVE plug-in allows users to experience a virtual reality. Moreover, functions to display a cross mark at the position of object that a wearer is seeing and to export it in CSV format are available to utilize the FOVE-specific eye tracking function. Since it is the log export plug-in that exports this data, driving operation, vehicle status, position of wearer can also be exported concurrently (Fig.3). By using this data, for example, we can investigate what advertisement people see during walking in city and compare where beginners and veteran drivers see (and pay attention) during driving.

画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
Fig.3 Driving screen linked with FOVE
Fig.4 Log data showing positions both of a driving vehicle and objects that the driver saw
From left: Steering/acceleration/brake data of the driving vehicle, position of own vehicle, position of objects that wearer saw
 Future of FOVE plug-in
Now, FOVE plug-in only exports object position data. In the future, for example, we want to improve the function to export name and type of objects. In addition, it is also under consideration that the plug-in cooperating with the replay plug-in reproduce what wearer experience in addition to exporting just characters log.

The characteristics of FOVE are HMD + eye tracking at reasonable cost. We really would like you to experience these features with UC-win/Road.

(Up&Coming '19 New Year issue)