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D-BOX Plug-in
Vibration device made by BMIA. Linkable with D-BOX
November 19, 2018

 D-BOX motion system
D-BOX developed and provided by D-BOX TECHNOLOGIES INC. is a motion system designed to transmit realistic motion and vibration to driver. Actuators precisely reproduce most driving sense including acceleration, deceleration, vibration from road, pitch and roll in real-time for vehicles in VR. Drivers will immerse in the visual experience.
 D-BOX plug-in
This plug-in connects D-BOX motion system and UC-win/Road. The developer is a software manufacturer BMIA in France who provides maintenance, education, and simulation solution. This simulator synchronise the motion system with vehicle motion in VR driving simulation.
Fig.1 Cooperation with UC-win/Road (BMIA web site)
 Application as motion platform
D-BOX is high-reactive to vehicle motion (3DOF pitch, roll, and heave) , and reproduces precise motion from differences between settings of each road surface such as bump and friction (table 1). Moreover, motion and sylinder parameter can be set and instantly applied from UC-win/Road side. A free motion customization is also available.

The current linkage is with 3-axis motion only, but 6-axis motion can also be linked since D-BOX hardware itself is flexible.

1.5'' 3'' 6''
Max vertical lift 34.5mm 76.2mm 152.4mm
Max speed ±100mm/sec
Max acceleration ±1 g・foce
Vibration frequency 0-100Hz
Table 1 Specification of D-BOX Actuators
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Fig.2 Configuration Fig.3 Motion (BMIA web site)
 Linkage with UC-win/Road driving simulation
D-BOX can be utilized for a lot of situations by combining it with the driving simulation function of UC-win/Road. The scenario function can simulate specific scenes, and motion log of D-BOX exported from the plug-in can be used for advanced verification together with simulation log data.

Users can freely choose a steering wheel and pedals used with UC-win/Road. If a steering controller with force feedback function is used, steering reaction like real car can be also reproduced in addition to motion.

(Up&Coming '19 New Year issue)