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VR-NEXT Client Application
Application to visualize and operate 3D data stored on cloud data sharing service
Free (initial standard function)
End of February 2019

VR-NEXT client application is a cross-platform application. With this app, users can access 3D data and properties stored on cloud data sharing service, and visualize and operate it on 3D VR environment. The basic functions are provided as a free viewer.
 Basic functions
Data access permissions
User accounts for cloud data sharing service are used for accessing cloud data. Users will have an accessibility to data according to user permissions by logging in with this user information.

The application itself is a cross-platform application and its compatibility with multiple types of OS and device is planned for development. The initial version will support Windows platforms, and then application's compatibility with iOS and Android is planned to be built into the following releases. Compatibility with Linux is also available if required.

3D data download
Users can download the necessary 3D model data stored on cloud and display it on a place with registered longitude and latitude. By downloading only the objects around a spot where they want to see within the 3D environment and caching them in local storage, users can keep the data transfer amounts small as long as no change is made to the data itself. In addition, the app has a function that automatically adjusts the amount of data according to the performance of device the app is running on. This function can display only the place to be focused on even in large projects and is also available on mobile devices.

画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
Fig.1 Main screen and coordinate edit

Access to model related data
Users can access model data including not only 3D geometry shape representation but also model property data. For each original model data and instance, arbitrary property can be changed and added from 3D space and synchronized with cloud. Latitude and longitude coordinates can be edited, and related files (PDF, drawing data, report, etc.) can be saved in local storage.

Fig.2 Access to property and related files
 SDK and expansion development
We developed this application using C++ language and has high modularity. We are planning to release a C++ native API. We will develop various enhanced functions and share them with many other fields.
 Rendering engine
We have developed a rendering engine with high expressiveness and performance so that it can be used not only as a simple cloud data viewer but also as a VR application. Refer to "VR-NEXT rendering engine: for PBR" for details.
 Future plan
We continue to enhance this application for further advancement and wider range of use.

The following features are planned to be provided in the near future: Compatibility to property data in IFC data, enhancement of data edit function: Ability to add and delete 3D models and files to and from 3D space, ability to link view points with location information of mobile device, linkage with VR device, AR functions, animation of UC-win/Road VR simulation, development of web applications with basic functions.

(Up&Coming '19 New Year issue)