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INFORMATION • Collaboration News Vol.3

• The University of Greenwich

@Collaboration in Advanced fire/evacuation modeling

The Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG), winner of the Queen's Anniversary Prize 2002 and ranked one of the top research groups in the UK by RAE2008, is the UK's largest University based fire/evacuation modeling research team. The group specializes in computational fire engineering, including fire and evacuation modeling and non-emergency pedestrian dynamics.

FSEG expertise and modeling tools are used all over the world to help solve fire safety, security and pedestrian dynamics problems and Forum8 is honored to be collaborating with FSEG. UC-win/Road for Exodus, a plug-in enables the smooth interface of both EXODUS software (evacuation simulation and pedestrian dynamics/circulation analysis) and UC-win/Road (a 3D real-time virtual reality package). Importing the extracted analytical data to UC-win/Road, you can visualize quickly emergency and non-emergency building evacuation movement, including human behaviour.
This collaboration has not only enhanced the value that both vendors initially brought to their clientele but also seen the realization of several projects ranging from tunnels to airports to buildings, to name a few. This year, we celebrate the 3rd year of collaboration and look forward to the joint provision of continual product enhancement and value to our users.
The University of Greenwich   Professor Ed Galea
(at 2nd VR Symposium, 2008)

Evacuation simulation in Hongqiao Traffic Network Centre Building
Shanghai T.E.F Building Safety Consulting Co.,Ltd.(China) Nominee Award, 7th 3D VR Contest, 2008

Evacuation simulation of an aging society using 3D VR
Taisei Engineering Co., Ltd. Design Award, 7th 3D VR Contest, 2008

• USA Ourston Traffic Solutions Inc
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Leading North American Traffic Specialists become Forum 8 Premier Partner

Ourston Traffic Solutions Inc., (Ourston) of Madison, Wisconsin, USA is the latest Road Traffic Consultancy to recognize the tremendous benefits of becoming a Forum 8 Premier Partner.
Ourston Roundabout Engineering Inc., their parent company, is "North Americafs pre-eminent roundabout design teamh; they have been designing high-capacity roundabouts in North America since 1984, including the first roundabout in Maryland in 1993. They helped the states of California, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, and Wisconsin begin their roundabout programs.

Mark Lenters, the president of Ourston Roundabout Engineering commented;
"In the US roundabouts are still rare and so the average driver often cannot understand how to navigate around them or indeed understand the benefits to the transport planner. As anyone knows who has traveled in Europe, roundabouts are a common feature of most road networks, especially in the UK, and are seen as the ideal solution to relieving congestion at intersections as well as dealing with intersections that have more than 4 entrances / exits.

"The problem with roundabouts, however, is that if you have never encountered one before, it would appear to be the strangest looking junction you have ever attempted to cross!

"With this in mind we have been looking for a way in which to help our clients and their stakeholders understand both the benefits of installing roundabouts in new road systems, whilst at the same time providing them with an educational tool to help drivers to learn how to conduct themselves when both approaching and leaving.

"Having researched the market we discovered Forum8's range of Driving Simulators and its highly photo-realistic 3D virtual reality software UC-win/Road and immediately saw the potential of this technology in solving our roundabout visualization and driver training problem.

"The Forum 8 software UC-win/Road will enable our clients to not only simulate their new road networks on screen, they will also be able to allow members of the general public to drive through these new roadways in evirtual realityf. They will also be able to produce, quickly and easily, a range of training videos about how to navigate these proposed networks long before they have even been built. Plus lots morec

"The result of due diligence and detailed discussions with Forum 8 was our decision to order the first UC-win/Road license and to become a Premier Partner.

"We believe that Forum 8 offers the very best solution to Road Traffic Simulation and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them."

Mr. Ito, the President of Forum 8 commented, "We are delighted that Ourston has joined our growing global network of Premier Partners and look forward to assisting them and their clients achieve all their business goals through the use of our range of state-of-the-art 3D VR products."
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