Announcement of the revision of the subscription service contract prices
(Posted on March 29, 2019)

FORUM8 would like to announce that, for various reasons, we have revised our software subscription service contract rates.

Lately, we have had to improve our UC-1 series software products in order to support various standard specifications for the construction industries, develop and embed into these products data exchange functions including the ability to export data, and maintain product quality. By the end of March, a new function that allows the addition of 3D annotations in line with the "Standard specifications for the creation and representation of 3DA Annotated Models (hereafter, 3DA models) set forth by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan" to 3D models to turn them into 3DA Annotated Models will be built into 40 UC-1 products, as part of our continuous efforts to optimize our products for CIM (equivalent to BIM for construction and civil engineering). In addition, a new ES export function that allows users to convert and export data for import to, and use in the 3D dynamic non-linear structural analysis software Engineer's Studio® will also be implemented in these UC-1 products.

Moreover, because industry now has high expectations of software quality assurance as means of guaranteeing software quality, we have begun initiatives to achieve PSQ certification as one of the best practices for software quality assurance, and thanks to this approach most of our products including VR software are now PSQ accredited or pending PSQ accreditation. We are also reinforcing our test team for comprehensive testing, as well as support desk service to meet the expectations of our valued users.

For these reasons, we decided to revise the subscription service contract rates to new rates that range from 15% (for products priced over USD10,000) to 50% (for products priced at or under USD200) depending on the product, as from April 1, 2019. The product price and subscription service contract price for products corresponding to the old construction standards will decrease by 30%, and names of those products have been revised to "Current product name_old standard" or similar.
For rental access licenses, we will increase the discount rate applied to rental licenses that are signed up for by customers in advance, from the current 10% to 15%.

Thank you for your understanding.

■ Contract price for Subscription service Starts on April 1, 2019
List price Subscription cost
of first year
Annual subscription cost for
subsequent years
(Rate is decided by product price)
Up to USD200 Free 50%
Up to USD500 Free
Up to USD1,000 Free 40%
Up to USD1,500 Free 30%
Up to USD2,000 Free
Up to USD2,500 Free 25%
Up to USD3,000 Free
Up to USD3,500 Free
Up to USD4,000 Free
Up to USD5,000 Free
Up to USD6,000 Free 22%
Up to USD7,000 Free 20%
Up to USD8,000 Free
Up to USD10,000 Free
Up to USD12,000 Free 15%
Up to USD15,000 Free
Up to USD17,000 Free
Up to USD20,000 Free
Up to USD25,000 Free
Up to USD30,000 Free
Up to USD40,000 Free
When you have options in addition to main product, billing will be the sum of
subscription price for the main product and subscription price for the options.