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UC-1 Series CALS/CAD
UC-1 UC-Draw Tools
US$500 - US$1,000
(tax not included)
           Compatible with SXF2.0                        Platforms: Windows NT4.0 (Service Pack 4 or higher)/2000/XP
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Product Specification
The tools allow drawing of bar arrangements and structural charts in UC-Draw of UC-1 and CALS/CAD series. Each tool can create bar arrangements and structural charts automatically and output to diverse file formats.
Program specifications
  • Swift generation of diagrams
    By entering information such as sizes and bar arrangement, drawing data can be internally created and bar arrangement plans of the target structure can be quickly obtained.
  • Eliminating workload of material calculation and quantity calculation
    Material calculation is performed based on the standard values and rounding up/down, truncating at decimal points determined by setting drawing conditions, and on the entered shape, bar arrangement, and material information, automatically generating manufacturing diagrams, reinforcement steel table, quantity table, and so forth (PC steel arrangement chart/PC steel mass table). This eliminates calculation of the reinforcing steel size and mass, concrete volume, component amount, and so on. Length-reducing calculations and generation of alteration tables are also possible.
  • Ready for detailed drawing formats
    Drawing conditions can be set in detail for drawing formats such as extension lines, letters, and tables. Each diagram is based on the setting, allowing fine-tuned creation of diagrams.
  • Drawing columnar section charts and design condition tables
    For earth retaining construction and temporary bridges, columnar sections and design conditions can be drawn, as well as cross-sectional diagrams, horizontal views, and main components quantity table.
  • Drawing commands specific to civil engineering
    Specialized commands are available for simplified drawing of civil engineering-specific "dimension lines", "extension lines", "clothoid curves", "elevation lines", "omitted lines", "inclination lines", "gradient marks" and so on.
  • Simplified input and application of detailed input
    For bar-arrangement-related data input, simplified input allows creation of bar arrangement diagram with minimum entered information such as reference pitch and bar arrangement method. Detailed input allows flexible creation of bar arrangement charts by entered bar start position, pitch, and pitch number for each reinforcing member.
  • Confirming, editing, and printing of generated diagrams and diverse drawing file output formats are supported
    Confirmation of generated drawings, editing (adjustment) of diagrams, dimension lines, and extension lines, and printing out by printers and plotters are routinely performed operations.
    As well as "UC-Draw", original format files (PSX), "SXF", "DXF", and "DWG" format files are available for output. Solid-model 3DS output is also supported.
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Software Lineup
Product Name Product feature Price
UC-Draw Tools Abutment Bar arrangement CAD program for reversed T-type/gravity abutment US$800
UC-Draw Tools Pier Bar arrangement CAD program for single-pillar pier US$1,000
UC-Draw Tools Pile Pile bar arrangement CAD program US$300
UC-Draw Tools Slab bridge Bar arrangement CAD program for PC/RC slab bridge US$800
UC-Draw Tools Earth retaining Earth retaining CAD program US$500
UC-Draw Tools Temp bridge Temporary bridge CAD program US$500
UC-Draw Tools Retaining wall Bar arrangement CAD program for cantilever beam retaining wall US$500
UC-Draw Tools U-type Wall U-type wall bar arrangement CAD program US$500
UC-Draw Tools BoxCulvert BOX culvert CAD program US$800
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